Bachelor Girl's Mother Goose--SECOND EDITION

Bachelor Girl's Mother Goose--SECOND EDITION


Deedle deedle dumpling! I know Bachelor Girl has for sure gone to bed once or twice with her trousers on, and one shoe off and one shoe on, as well.

Everybody needs Mother Goose rhymes once in a while---they comfort us, remind us of our shared culture, and bring some rhythm to our lives. Bachelor Girl aims to do the same for all her bachelor girl friends and followers. But she has martini shakers, not baby rattles. So what's a gal to do?

As usual, she makes out fairly well. (Ha! ha) In this collection, inspired by New Yorker cartoonist Charles' Addams' Mother Goose, Bachelor Girl and her single ladyfriends take on Bo Peep, Sulky Sue, the laundry sluts, cock-horses, pease porridge, Wee Willie Winkie, and all your other favorite old chestnuts.

The result? A primer for bachelor girl life.

Bachelor Girl's Mother Goose is 24 delightful pages of 5x5" fun. Black and white, with a color cover.

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