Constipation Remedies print


Constipation Remedies print


How many times has this happened to you?

SCENE: A fancy dinner party at your house. A guest has just returned to the table.

YOU: Nice of you to rejoin us, Hoskins. Did you fall in?

(Patters of laughter from assembled guests)

HOSKINS: I wish. In fact, I wish ANYTHING has fallen in. You see I am horribly constipated, and have been unable to poop for several days.

(Guests murmuring)

YOU: I have failed as a host. I have brought shame upon this house and all my ancestors.


Well! Today is your and Hoskins' lucky day! This one time I was so constipated I wanted to cry, and I asked for advice on how to handle it from Glitter, my favorite internet forum. The astounding constellation of folk remedies I got in reply was too good to keep to myself.

Now, you can own your very own poster version of my pain and the solutions to it! You and your guests will never get blocked up again with this beauty hanging in your bathroom. This poster has over 70 great suggestions for getting your poop chute chuggin', including these hits:


A Big Green Salad With Tomatoes

A Brisk Walk

Dried Fruit


Starbucks Latte Followed By a Jog


Ascending Colon Stretch



Apple Cider Vinegar

Sports Authority

Best of all, for just a few dollars more, you can have a colorful GLITTERY version with the finest glitter by Martha Stewart for Michael's, hand-applied by ME! 

So what are you waiting for! Drop the kids off at the pool and send those orders down the chute today!

Ppppppppppbt (buy)